Wk 6 – ELA: Syrian Refugees

So here are my resources for this week’s lesson. I am very excited to teach this lesson tomorrow. Stay tuned for the reflection!

ELA Lesson Plan: Syrian Refugee Exploration

Choice Assignment – Syrian Refugees


Week 5: Peanut Butter Cookies for everyone!

Alright, here is my lesson plan for this week. I am teaching a Math lesson focused on Word problems involving Fractions.

Week 5 Math Lesson Fraction word problems

And the Peanut Butter Cookies Fractions worksheet.

I might eventually rewrite this to be a nut-free assignment, so that I can actually bring them into class (if I have permission to do so by the school/board).


Lesson Plan – Halloween Persuasive Writing – Part 2

So here is my lesson for Week 4 – a lesson on Persuasive Writing, in particular, how to be an effective Peer Editor. I’ve included the lesson plan, the Video that I started the set with, and an exit slip for self assessment. Enjoy!

Week #4 – Halloween Persuasive Writing Part 2 Lesson Plan

Week 2 reflection

OK, so for a relatively logical-minded individual, there are a few technologies I am still wrapping my head around. Prezi is #1, uploading to Youtube is #2, and Blogging is #3.

So even through my reflection from last week was posted, I am now sharing the link for it.

So, without further ado, here’s the link for my Phys Ed lesson plan.

And, here is the link for my video reflection with my awesome teaching partner, April Hoffman.