Connecting to learn, learning to connect

#ECMP355 Technology in the Classroom was my very first experience in a modern online course, which perhaps is why I was so impressed with the overall course delivery. I am grateful to have shared the experience of this rich course content with a wonderfully diverse, inquisitive group of fellow pre-service teachers.

I had worried that I wouldn’t find an online course as interactive as a classroom IRL. I love connecting with others, hearing what they have to say, discussing different points of view. Being a bit of a gabber, my own class participation helps me to process my views on the subject material and remember content. For me, connecting through Zoom and chatting was just as interactive as an in-person class.

For my final post for ECMP355, I have reflected on the question, “How have you contributed to the learning of others?” Although I don’t think I can take credit for the learning of others, I hope that my own worldview helped my classmates to see things in a different perspective, just as theirs did for me. There are a few ways that I did this:


TWITTER: I really enjoy using Twitter to support my PLN. My tweets are supportive, sharing resources and news stories, and

Examples of support and encouragement for classmates’ work, learning projects, and posts:

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I also use Twitter to share ideas, news stories or resources that my classmates or PLN will appreciate. Some shared below were related to #learningprojects, topics we covered in class or pedagogical ideologies.

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My interactions on Google+ was more limited, but did consist of offering helpful replies to questions or comments by my classmates. Here are some of my contributions:

Google Plus

Blogging, and reading the blogs of others, has become one of my creative spaces. I found my own reflections often took me to places I didn’t realize I was going, and I find it just as interesting to see where others’ journeys take them.


Lastly, I applied all that I had read, heard and learned about my peers to my Summary of Learning. This process really made me appreciate their growth, and I am pleased to have them all in my PLN. To my #ecmp355 classmates; so long, stay in touch, and keep growing and sharing #edtech!


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