Matthew Leupold, a work in progress

So my task this week was to cyber-sleuth a classmate, the lucky guy being Matthew Leupold! A simple Google search of “Matthew Leupold” brought up his Twitter handle and his blog. My guess is that these are the pages he updates most frequently.

In addition, Facebook generalized with a link to ALL the Matthew Leupold’s on the site. Being able to eliminate the others based on location (BC and Wisconsin were both out) and occupation (I wasn’t aware of Matt’s history as a Plumber or Drywall Hanger), I was no closer to finding a link to the Matt I was looking for, since his name is different on Facebook. If I wasn’t already friends with him, I would be hard-pressed to find him on Facebook.

When I searched ‘Matthew Leupold’ without quotes, I had to sift through the tennis player in California and the weight lifter in Akron, Ohio. That seems tedious, so I added double quotation marks around his name, along with Regina. The results were MUCH more likely to be our Matt, and in fact, mostly Education-related  as well. Same thing in Bing – matthew leupold without quotes returned a billion optical scopes – for rifles, I think. Add in the quotes and Regina, and you get a much better picture of our Matt!

Matthew Leupold… without quotes.  A Leupold scope, I presume!

matt leupold scopes


‘ “Matthew Leupold” Regina’ search… Much better!

Matt Leupold

As far as Matt’s academic career, there were a few discoveries I was able to glean from the internet:

  • He graduated from Luther High School in 2007
  • His fall 2014 placement for ECS 100 was at St. Bernadette School
  • in 2015, Matt uploaded a cool video reflection for ECS 302 on his YouTube Channel
  • He was recognized by the Faculty of Ed on April 6, 2016 for his achievements in the program.

And I can also share a fun fact about Matt:

  • In 2011, Matt played hockey in an adult rec league for the “Keg Sparkens” team. The player stats show that Matt scored 5 goals and 1 assist that season. I am guessing that was while he was employed at The Keg.

Overall, I found that Matt’s online presence is mostly about Education – through Twitter, his blog, and I can confirm that he attended U of R. I don’t think Matt has anything to worry about if his students, or a potential employer, want to dredge up his past.




2 thoughts on “Matthew Leupold, a work in progress

    1. Thanks Jessica! I did enjoy it, but was disappointed to not find more dirt on Matt. But of course that’s a good thing! Since I just moved to Saskatchewan last year, I think I need to network more in person and online to give me a bigger presence within the education field. I’ll keep working on it!


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