Wacky, wacky Wednesday

Check out the video reflection for week 6/7 that I made with my amazing teaching partner April Hoffman


4 thoughts on “Wacky, wacky Wednesday

  1. Great lesson! It’s interesting what you say about the student’s living conditions here in Saskatchewan. I don’t know what school you guy’s are at but many children are living in poverty here in Saskatchewan. I did wonder though if they weren’t just being unemphatic. I’ve heard privileged people say similar things.


    1. Thanks for your comments! Yes, it occurred to us as well that it is difficult to know what kind of home environment our students have. Perhaps this would also be a good starting point for curriculum outcomes in health or PE – What are the emotional effects of living in transition, instability or fear? What do items of necessity really look like? I can see many interesting discussions that could jump off this one.


      1. yes. totally. I was talking to a kid about a book about residential schools once. I said “imagine how it would feel to be taken from your home and taken somewhere far from your home” and he said “I wish someone would take me far away from my home.” Heartbreaking.


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