Looking at outcomes in the Sask Curriculum

So here we have a Grade 5 Health outcome as laid out by the Saskatchewan curriculum.

What does it mean? Below are a few ideas of activities and assessment tools to meet this requirement.

Canadian Food Guide Label reading
Canadian Food Guide Label reading

Grade 5 Health outcome USC5.1.


This outcome’s goal is to provide students with the information and opportunity to form educated opinions about the food choices they make.

What are three activities that could help students understand this outcome?

  1. Having students keep a food journal for a week could allow them to develop awareness of their own food choices. Specific suggestions to include would be: intake quantities and qualities, specify food group distribution, discuss external influences – (convenience foods on a hectic night, special family or cultural meals, seasonal variety, boredom snacking)
  2. Examine food marketing practices in packaged foods. What are some claims/information given on packages (0% Fat, Low sugar, serving sizes, etc)? Are they valid? Does this mean they are healthy?
  3. Using the website https://bnfl.healthlinkbc.ca/UsingBrandNameList/Home.aspx, examine the nutritional value of the food options at the school canteen (elementary or local high school).

What are three assessment that could help students demonstrate their understanding of this outcome?

  1. Hand in daily food journal for grading.
  2. Dividing the class into small groups, have each group create an inquiry on a type of “diet” (paleo, Atkins, diabetes, celiac, First Nations traditional, Inuit traditional, etc) and present their findings to the class.
  3. Have students hand in a response describing some lifestyle modifications they could make to improve their eating habits, either by increasing healthy choice eating or by decreasing unhealthy choices.

What is another indicator that you could add to the list?

Examine a favorite meal from home and evaluate its nutritional value. Modify the ingredients to create a more nutritious alternative. (Does it cover all the food groups? How does this meal rate for fats, sodium and sugar levels? What changes could you make to the ingredients to improve its nutrition?)


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